Expertise – The best people, the best techniques, the best expertise

For 20 years, in collaboration with architects and surrounded by trusted collaborators, employees and suppliers, Sibylle du Chastel has brought her knowledge of interior design to a demanding and refined clientele, in Switzerland and abroad, composed of private clients and hotel establishments as well as restaurants, offices, shops.

Sibylle’s teams allow her to turn your dreams into a reality. She has built a network throughout Europe, working with some of the most respected craftsmen and local masters of specific techniques whenever possible, experts at using wooden floors, ceramists, polished concrete floors and walls (Mortex, Clayline)…

From interior design (walls, floors, curtains, furniture, lighting, decorative accessories …), custom cabinetry and furnishings to site monitoring (renovation or other …), projects are completed in coordination with our clients, the architects and contractors, in order to fulfill any idea or desire.

Our inspirations are diverse and multiple… Classic, rustic, modern, baroque? We aim for timelessness, and use our expertise, tailored specifically to each project.

Process – Experience and resources that save time

From understanding to projecting to supervising to delivering

Step by step, getting as close as possible to your vision and expectations
Imagining one’s interior can be infinitely abstract. Our comprehensive approach blends contemporary aesthetics with timeless design.
We present to you our ideas with a clear approach, using different software options and mood boards. If necessary, we’ll even put together a 3D version of our ideas so you know exactly what we have in mind for your space.

We’ve developed over the years close and reliable relationships with some the best suppliers in Switzerland and abroad. This allows us to ensure results and finishes that make all the difference in the world.

Thanks to our excellent network of carriers and our precise knowledge of customs procedures, and because your schedule is always our priority, we complete the execution of our projects in a timely manner.

An interior is above all a personal relationship with space. We make sure your space is a reflection of your great taste. Elegance and chic are more than a state of mind.

Every detail counts. Before putting together our actual vision for your home, we’re here to help you figure out what your style is. During the execution of our proposal, we supervise every aspect of the work, every step of the way. After everything is done, should you need to bring to your home some extra tender loving care, we provide a variety of services that allow you to enjoy your surroundings without a worry. We’ll select your cleaning staff, fill the fridge with your favorite items, decorate and light your chalet’s Christmas tree…

Today, Interior Decoration is a mix of contemporary luxury and natural materials. We look for timelessness.

We make it easy to visualize each project and idea with moodboards, so you can see and feel the texture of each material.