As a young woman, she travelled the world, drawing inspiration from new cultures, traditions and people.



Interior designer Sibylle du Chastel founded Verdeco in 2003.

Born and raised in a traditional family in Belgium, she developed early on an eye for beauty, classical lines and contemporary designs.


Her style which she refined during her travels, finds its source in everyday luxury and elegant simplicity. For years, she has explored the world to refine her understanding of the impact brought by colors, contrasted materials, use of space, through traditional and innovative approaches.


Inspired by the creations of Christian Liaigre, Jacques Garcia, Jacques Grange, Lionel Jadot and Hennie, Sibylle du Chastel’s philosophy takes us well beyond interior design & decoration. Working with international, private and eminent clients, the essence of her reputation lies in understanding and achieving her clients’ needs to exceed their expectations, all the while protecting their privacy.


The interior decorator now divides her time between her offices in Switzerland and in Lisbon, where she creates havens of contemporary comfort and traditional adornment techniques. She also has a strong, familial bond with Brazil. She’s fluent in French, English and Portuguese.


Most of her clients choose to remain confidential. Ask Sibylle du Chastel what she does, and the interior designer will tell you how she likes to turn the smallest details into gems, and give subtlety to the greatest assets. Should you cross paths with one of her clients, though, they’d whisper that Sibylle’s true talent lies in the way she listens and captures your soul, to best reveal it in your interior.